6:30pm - 8.30pm

The Souls Choir

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Roving along Parnell Road

Find White Night harmony as The Souls take you on an a capella trip through space and time with Parnell-inspired pop-up and processional performances.
From Renaissance Latin to colonial kisses to mixed-up grunge to the mashed-up now, and with dulcet nods to Parnell’s cultural past and present, this Auckland-based group sing songs of love, of loss, of rosy days and lonely nights to soundtrack your White Night wanderings.

Performing at various venues along Parnell Road,

6.30pm  Library steps, 390 Parnell Road,                      

7.15pm Parnell Village, 323 Parnell Road,

8.00 pm Steps of Puma Building, 218 Parnell Road,  

8.30pm Tunnel at 223 Parnell Road next to Alfresco