Strata - Lea Schlatter and the eco-warriors

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"As part of the Whau Festival last year I had the privilege of working with Avondale Primary School’s eco-warriors (Rm18) to produce a work about their neighbourhood. We engaged with our physical surroundings to understand Avondale. With commotion often happening above ground, the purpose of this project was to draw attention to what lies below the surface. The eco-warriors began by collecting materials in sites around Avondale by walking and exploring together. To make sense of our findings the children constructed a giant map referencing home. A sculpture was made with materials, information, and stories gathered which was then translated into a billboard installation for the Whau Festival as a window into their sense of place." (Lea)

Lea Schlatter is an Auckland based photographer, she completed her studies at Whitecliffe College of Arts & Design and since graduating has expanded her practice by working with communities. Schlatter is influenced by cross genre approaches to image-making where a pursuit for knowledge often pushes her to explore boundaries.

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