5:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Redevelop - Brendan Kitto

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The Good, The Bad Gallery

The Fenchurch neighbourhood in Glen Innes has been chosen as one of the first redevelopment projects for social housing in Tamaki, East Auckland.

Entire streets where families once lived, in homes largely built in the 1950’s, have been bulldozed and now lie vacant, awaiting the next phase in the redevelopment plan to create better, affordable social housing.

Redevelop is an exhibition that reminds us of the past while anticipating the future, forced through change.

Presented in a series of photographic images, Brendan Kitto documents the final stages of the remaining state houses in Fenchurch and their surroundings.

What once was is now gone. What will be is to come.

Photo Credit: Fenchurch, Glen Innes. 2016. Brendan Kitto.