Friday 4th March 8:00pm

No Man's Land

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Great Hall, Town Hall

‘But I had in front of me the dead man, the dead French soldier, and how I would have liked him to have raised his hand, I would have shaken his hand and we would have been the best of friends’ —German soldier, WWI

Acclaimed New Zealand composer John Psathas and filmmaker Jasmine Millet, have created a ground breaking new cinematic performance. Musicians descended from opposing forces of WWI are brought together on actual battlefields in Poland, France, and Belgium, in an original composition. These musical collaborations are fused into a unique 75-minute film, projected alongside an electrifying group of live musicians on-stage. All musicians, live and virtual, perform as one epic global orchestra.

Musicians include; Serj Tankian (Armenia/USA), Derya Turkan and Muhammet Sadrettin Ozcimi (Turkey), the Polish Radio Choir, Meeta Pandit (India), Marta Sebestyen (Hungary), the Strasbourg Philharmonic Orchestra (France), The Nudge (New Zealand), the Netherlands Blazers Ensemble (Holland), Jolanta Kossakowska (Poland), Fara Diouf (Senegal), Yanal Stalti (Palestine), Svet Stoyanov (Bulgaria), Paolo Cimmino (Italy), Sofia Labropoulou and Vagelis Karypis(Greece), Simone Rebello (UK), Renkei Hashimoto (Japan) and many more.

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