6:00pm - 10:00pm

FAKA FO`OU:Digital Fananga - Ve'a Mafile’o and Jeremiah Tauamiti

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Straight from the 2015 Nuku’alofa Film Festival, two short Tongan Legends filmed in Tonga: 'Aho'eitu and the legend of Kava Tonga.


Based on the Tongan Legend, `Aho`eitu leaves his mother to find his father Tangaloa in the heavens. On his quest he finds out that he also has brothers, but will they accept him as their own? Will Tangaloa acknowledge his son, and who will take his place as his heir, the first King, the Tu'i Tonga.

Shot in Tonga, with an entirely local cast in their film debut, 'Aho'eitu is an original Tongan film. Backed up by powerful performances and production, in its first international outing, 'Aho'eitu recently won the 'Break through Award' at the Pasifika Film Festival in Sydney 2015. 

The legend of Kava Tonga

The legend of Kava Tonga has come to life. In a harrowing story of love, loyalty and sacrifice, this short film gives you an insight into the importance of Kava to the Tongan culture.