7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

After 523 Years - Vicente Ovalle

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Roving from K Road to CBD

A descendant of the Muiscas tribe in Colombia, Ovalle has a profound respect for the tribe’s connection with the Earth and the land, which has also greatly inspired his philosophy.  The connection between the land and culture is a theme that permeates his artwork. Each piece Ovalle creates tells a story that links back to his indigenous roots and combines influences from Maori and Pacific Island culture.

Approximate time at following Venue - 

Leaves The Bridge Gallery Studio, off K Road - 7.30pm

Outside Q Theatre, Queen Street - 7.45pm

New Zealand Herald Festival Garden, Aotea Square - 8.00pm

Outside Auckland Library, Lorne Street - 8.15pm

Auckland Art Gallery Forecourt - 8.30pm

Returns to Bridge Street Gallery via Queen Street and K Road at 9:00pm
(Estimated Time of Arrival at Bridge Street Gallery - 9:30pm)